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Documents related to the construction of the port in Gdynia

How Gdynia was created The construction of an independent, modern port in Poland after the period of partitions was one of the main topics of political and economic debates in the early 1920s. The debates did not end there. On 23rd September 1922 the parliament passed the act on the construction of the port in […]

Read More The Polish currency unit – złoty (a set of coins, pattern coins and banknote templates)

Revival of the złoty Along with the revival of the Polish statehood in 1918 and the consolidation of territories previously subject to partitions, i.e. located in three different states, there arose the necessity to establish a single currency for the Republic of Poland. On 28th February 1919 the parliament introduced a new currency and called […]

Read More Polonia Restituta – a film Original title: Polonia Restituta 1918–1920

A picture of reborn Poland The film Polonia Restituta presents events that contributed to regaining independence by Poland and to shaping its borders after the period of partitions. It was produced at the initiative of Józef Błeszyński in 1928, on the 10th anniversary of regaining independence. It was an important work in terms of propaganda […]

Read More Do broni! Ratujmy Ojczyznę! Pamiętajmy dobrze o naszym przyszłym losie, 1920, ManonPosters from the period of the Polish-Soviet war

“To arms! The Homeland is calling you!” The young Polish state, reborn after years of non-existence, already faced a huge threat at the beginning of its independence in 1919 – an invasion by its powerful neighbour, Soviet Russia. Had it been successful, it would have buried the Poles’ dreams of their own state, which is […]

Read More Commemorative act of the taking over of Upper Silesia by the Government of the Republic of Poland, signed on 16th July 1922 in Katowice

A memorandum of incorporation of Upper Silesia into Poland The act of taking over Upper Silesia by the Government of the Republic of Poland refers to the Treaty of Versailles signed by the victorious powers and Germany, the plebiscite announced therein and the decision made during the Conference of Ambassadors to divide Upper Silesia. By […]

Read More The Peace Treaty of Riga between Poland, Russia and Ukraine signed on 18th March 1921

A document which closes the period of establishing the Polish state The Peace Treaty signed during the Riga Peace Conference, which started in September 1920, was of great importance not only for the states that were parties to it, but also for Central and Eastern Europe – as one of the pillars guaranteeing the stability […]

Read More Atlas, map and manuscripts of Eugeniusz Romer related to his activities of shaping Poland’s border

The fight to bring Poland back to the maps of the world Eugeniusz Mikołaj Romer (1871–1954), a geographer, professor of universities in Lviv and Cracow, the creator of modern Polish cartography, is one of those persons who, using their knowledge and skills, greatly contributed to the work of rebuilding the Polish state after the partitions. […]

Read More Documents of the Wielkopolska Uprising

A chronicle of the victorious uprising The Wielkopolska Uprising, lasting from December 1918 to February 1919, was a struggle of Polish inhabitants of the Poznań Province against the German Reich. They demanded the return of the lands of the Prussian partition to the reborn Polish Commonwealth. The uprising, as one of the few in the […]

Read More Files of the Adjutancy General of the Commander in Chief

The fight for the shape of reborn Poland The files of the Adjutancy General are unique materials of the Chancellery Office of the Chief of State and Commander in Chief (this function was held by Józef Piłsudski), dated from November 1918 to December 1922. Those were the years of the most intense fights (Polish-Soviet war) […]

Read More Files of the Polish National Department

Polonia in the fight for independence Operating in Chicago between 1916 and 1926, the Polish National Department was an organisation whose goal – apart from organising the life of Poles in exile in the USA – was working on the restoration of independent Poland. From 1918, the Polish National Department, operating under the auspices of […]

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